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Create Alignment in your life + Have more impact Through your Actions


A simple coaching framework to create alignment around what really matters and have more impact through your actions, while keeping your professional and personal life on track using some simple agile techniques.


But what is Personal Agility?

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In a business context...

Personal Agility fosters adaptability, resilience, and effective leadership. It empowers individuals to navigate change and drive innovation, creating a competitive edge.

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In a personal context...

Personal Agility is about living with purpose and embracing change. It helps you find balance, growth, and fulfillment on your journey of self-discovery.

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On a professional level...

Personal Agility equips individuals with adaptability, time management, communication, and leadership skills. It’s essential for thriving in the modern workplace.


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For Professional Coaches...

Personal Agility enhances their ability to understand and guide clients effectively. It helps clients set clear goals, prioritize, and achieve personal and professional growth.

What will this program teach you?


Gain a Clear Sense of Purpose:
In our personal agility program, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to discover your true purpose and align your actions with your deepest values. We help you find clarity amidst life’s chaos, providing you with a clear roadmap for achieving your personal and professional aspirations.


Gain a Clear Sense of Purpose: In our personal agility program, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to discover your true purpose and align your actions with your deepest values. We help you find clarity amidst life’s chaos, providing you with a clear roadmap for achieving your personal and professional aspirations.


Lead with Confidence: Leadership isn’t just about managing teams; it’s about inspiring and empowering others. Our program helps you develop authentic leadership qualities, building confidence in your ability to lead effectively. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to lead with conviction and achieve your vision.

This program is for managers, executives, leaders, coaches, consultants, job seekers, and parents who want better alignment with themselves and a positive impact at work and in their life.

What will you get from this program?

Individual training followed by coaching sessions for 6 weeks where you will:

Know where you are and where you are heading

Became aware of your accomplishments and build on them

Build on your personal brand to introduce yourself and communicate with confidence at the next meeting or job interview

Make conscious decisions about who you want to be and your long-term goals

You will become:

Ready to confidently navigate the marketplace with Personal Agility.

Equipped to confidently enter the marketplace and build a history of achievements and accolades.

Better able to create a confident personal brand and strong first impressions

Concsious about your every day decisions that will ultimately lead you to becoming the person who you want to be

I have worked with multiple nationalities:


Switzerland, most of the European cultures, UK, US, Middle East, Asian (China, Thailand, Indian, Singapore) and Australia

This is made perfect for you if:

 You are job seeker and want to secure a job that makes you happy

You want to make a successful cultural or career transition and do what really matters

You have too much to do and too little time to do it

You have a lot of stress meeting your life and work commitments

You have many projects in progress and long-term goals

This is you after the program:

You will feel more connected to your inner power and higher self

You will gain confidence and motivation to do more of what really matters

You will create a positive impact act work and in life

You will create alignment between your values and your actions

 You will create and maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life

What my previous students say:

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About your coach...

Adelina Stefan is a Professional Certified Coach designated by the International Coaching Federation with over 12 years’ experience as an Intercultural Facilitator, Trainer, Career & Expat Executive Coach. She has catalysed the success of individuals and organizations across cultures, ranging from expats to mid- to senior level executives and CEOs.

With her intuitive and agile coaching style, Adelina seeks to inspire ambitious professionals to create and implement their unique career blueprint and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Adelina is also the Program Director (Europe) and Coach Training Facilitator of Ignite Global’s Professional Coaching Mastery Certification (PCMC) training program, fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), designed to prepare coaches for a paradigm shift and engagement experience.

She supports organizations in building a corporate coaching culture by highlighting individuals’ maximum potential and engagement so that they become dedicated and highly successful employees.

Her practice includes Career, Life, Executive, and Personal Agility Coaching for individuals, as well as developing and implementing corporate Human Resources practices for improving intercultural relations.

Multilingual fluent in Greek, Romanian, English, and German (conversational), Adelina holds multiple certifications. She a PCC (ICF) Credentialed Coach, Certified Team & Group Coach, Personal Agility Recognised Ambassador (PARA) and Coach (PARC), with an MBA and a Master in Sociolinguistics and Business Administration.

PAS is a like a GPS navigator for your life or project. 

You can figure out where you are, where you are going, and apply corrections to achieve your goals and become who you want to be!

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