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The Agile Career Strategy Course is a program that will give you the opportunity to explore your career path, identify your career values and goals, learn about the job search, application, networking, and interview process.

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WHO is this Course for?

This Course is for you if:

You are going through career transitioning.

You are interested in landing a new job.

You are stuck in your career

 You have been out of work for a period of time

 You have relocated to a new cultural setting to accompany their partner/spouse in their assignment.

This Course is NOT for you if:

✖  Are not ready to work on your development

✖  Are not ready to be engaged in the exercises

✖ Are not ready to work harder for yourself to achieve your goals.

✖ Are not ready to grow and develop your career

✖ You don’t want to land your new dream job

Adelina’s Course is truly an Agile self-reflective exercise

Here's what you're getting inside the
Agile Career Strategy Course

This course is structured into lessons and chapters. Each chapter comprises several lessons, which will include text, visuals, exercises, and other engaging elements through which you will learn.


Acknowledging Your
Current Situation

In this chapter, we will explore:


Preparing For a New Job Search

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:


Gaining Visibility in the
Job Market

We will look at what you need to know to gain more visibility in the job market as you put your skills and knowledge to practice including:

Are you ready to
Catalyze your Career Path

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Know what others say about the program

The content and process give enough flexibility to adjust to individual needs. So that the end goal can be set by ourselves individually, a good differentiated coaching program means high-quality, evidence-based instruction that meets each person’s needs.
Anne J.
Head of HR
The material provided in the course is extensive and covers all topics related to career! Each topic is well researched and the questions target self exploration. Together we identified what really matters to me, what makes me happy and what I am passionate about.
Carmen N.
Communication Professional
Adelina is a fantastic coach. Caring and always ready to help, she has helped me in rewriting my cv and LinkedIn page that now have a professional look. She gave me useful insights about the Swiss job market.
Daniela DeBonis
Sales Director

there's more!



With the lessons, I do my best to provide you with useful and practical content paired with worksheets and exercises to give you a chance to reflect and to become an active participant in your learning.

Meet your Coach!

Hi! My name is Adelina Stefan and I will be your instructor for this course. I am an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Intercultural Facilitator, and Personal Agility Ambassador (PARA), specialized in Career Transition, with deep expertise in HR practices. I will share effective strategies and techniques that will help you find a job in the Swiss market. I will teach you how to develop your professional brand, prepare your application, and enhance your interview skills. I’m excited to see you inside the program and help you springboard your career!
Adelina Stefan

This process was very helpful to me as it gave me direction not only career-wise but also on a personal level. For the first time, I felt confident when applying for jobs as I knew what I wanted and the skills I have to offer. I highly recommend Adelina’s course to anyone at any stage of their career.

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The Agile Career Strategy Course is self-paced.
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