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Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Cultural Expert

Cultivating Inner Talent to Empower and Beyond

 Are you an expat professional who wants to integrate smoothly into your host country, make a successful career transition or build your coaching practice and do more of what really matters?

I can help.

Advanced Talent is dedicated to accelerating your professional growth!

“Consult me and I will help you identify your own hidden strengths so that you build and
implement your unique career blueprint, achieving and maintaining a work-life balance.”


Who Am I?

I am an expert in creative problem-solving, and in using innovative ideas and processes to build cultural intelligence and improve connections across the globe. My practice includes Career, Executive, Agile, & Life Coaching for individuals as well as developing and implementing corporate Human Resources practices for improving cross-cultural relations.

I love cycling, hiking, and traveling with my family and I am passionate about empowering people by facilitating personal growth.

I started my career as a Consultant to share my experience with other people facing similar struggles and catalyze potential in individuals.

As s passionate advocate of coaching and mentoring, I love creating positive change in individuals and organizations, helping people unlock their true potential and discover unique areas of development and growth.

I am an Professional  Certified Coach designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Intercultural Facilitator, and Personal Agility Ambassador (PARA) specialized in the areas of Intercultural Communication and International Human Resource Management (IHRM).

I have pioneered the use of The Personal Agility System through coaching for people in transition.

A dual citizen of Greece and Romania, based in Switzerland since 2015, I understand the challenges required to build a life in a new country. I bring 12+ years’ experience as a Coach, Trainer & Business Consultant. 

I help expats and professionals integrate successfully into their new culture so that they communicate with more impact, gain more clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, and achieve sustainable career success.


How Do I Serve You?

I Inspire ambitious professionals to:

✓ Take charge of their career
✓ Develop self-trust and build up confidence
✓ Develop their talent and pursue their passions
✓ Establish a growth mindset
✓ Create and execute a development plan

My Area of Expertise:

✓ Individual and Team Coaching
✓ Intercultural Facilitation
✓ Talent Management Consulting
✓ Developmental Mentoring

I Help You to:

✓ Deal with cultural transition and navigate on foreign territory.
✓ Understand & identify opportunities that match
your talents and interests.
✓ Define your story & prepare professional branding documents, including your professional Social Media Profile.
✓ Create an effective professional CV / resume.
✓ Master the interview process.
✓ Make a seamless career change.
✓ Transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur.
✓ Secure the job you want and do what you love
✓ And create alignment around what really matters!

If You Are:

✓ An expat professional trying to establish yourself in your host country.
✓ A job seeker overwhelmed by your job search.
✓ A mid-career professional trying to make a successful career change.
✓ A corporate employee becoming an entrepreneur.
✓ Academic planning to move into business.
✓ Unhappy and unfulfilled
✓ Low in confidence
✓ Stuck or lacking a work-life balance
✓ Unsure about your next career step
✓ Overwhelmed by your priorities
✓ Feeling disconnected

I can definitely help!

What My Clients Say

"When I chose to begin working with Adelina, I was someone who would look at a page of job listings with tears in my eyes. I believed that, despite having multiple degrees, I could never be what anyone was looking for - either because I didn't meet all of the qualifications, or because I took a break in my professional life to focus on parenting. Adelina helped me to better understand my fears, to see WHY they were present, and what options I had to engage with those fears in new ways.

She also came equipped with lots of practical resources, the most helpful of which for me was the Personal Agility System (PAS). This system not only gave me a helpful framework in which to organize the tasks which truly matter to me as a person (and not just a job-hunting automaton), but it also helped me to live that truth out loud with my children. It helped me to show them that Mom is a multifaceted person, who allocates a place in her heart and her day for both work and family. They've learned to respect my work more highly, resting in the trust that they don't matter to me any less.

Adelina is deeply kind, sincere and supportive, but make no mistake - she won't do your work for you! Come to sessions prepared with questions and clear determinations for what you want to get out of the time. I did, and as a result, I went from avoiding my job search to landing triple the amount of job interviews I used to get. But most importantly, I have more confidence that my unique profile has something valuable to offer to the world of work, and I am grateful Adelina could be a part of my journey."
Creative Director, Switzerland
"Last year (December 2020) I have been looking for a quality coaching school to start my journey. I have posted my question in Facebook group of coaching professionals and the first person to reply was Adelina! She provided full support and encouraged me to start my professional coaching journey even earlier than I planned. Adelina is very goal-oriented person and works on her development continuously and consistently.

By doing this she is serving and providing high quality coaching and business support to her clients. Adelina also can be related to new generation of leaders. She always sees the potential in people and clients and pulls people upwards by helping them to grow and learn. I have been challenged and invited by Adelina to take on new learnings and development opportunities several times in 2021.

And all of them were successful and valuable for my development. Adelina’s coaching and mentoring style is very soft and polite, and she builds the trust with people very quickly."
Agile Coach, Azerbaijan
"Adelina proved to be the right person to meet when these challenging times highlighted that I required professional guidance in readjusting with my home country and finding a new job after many years abroad. Her professionalism and genuine empathy coupled with excellent mentorship and coach capabilities in the framework of Personal Agility, in which she excels, helped me reset my priorities in terms of work life balance and have a clear strategy in achieving my goals. I would highly recommend her professional help to anyone looking to focus on what really matters in terms of life and work balance"
Product Manager, Switzerland
"I have always seen Adelina's name come up as a recommendation for a career coach, so when I realized I needed one, I didn't hesistate to reach out to get to know her. And I'm glad I did. Adelina has a special ability to meet me where I am at every session, to be fully present, to flex between coach and mentor and to make it fun. Most importantly, I always walked away with insights and pragmatic tools to support my needs.

Adelina's mix of competencies and expertise cam across strongly as she integrated all of them in a way that was valuable to me and my situation. I am grateful for Adelina and the impact she is able to have on me and everyone else she works with. "
People Lead, Switzerland
"Adelina is just the partner you want to have when you need to put some light (and lightness!) in your career path. She is able to stand at your side, support your choices with endless resources and tools, and help you to dig deeper in your investigations encouraging and empowering you with her non-judgmental, caring and cheerful presence. She initiated me to the coaching journey, definitely a change accelerator."
Account Manager, Switzerland
Adelina was a great coach and consultant in my long journey. She gave me really good pieces of advice and helped me believe again in myself and gain confidence. Thanks for it. Now I work back in my field.
Project Manager, Switzerland