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Any of these sound familiar?

  • Is your company struggling to get high rates of employee attrition?
  • Do you see a trend of new staff coming and quickly going?
  • Are you struggling with a low rate of employee retention?

If so, the problem you are looking to solve will not be solved by a new rule or a new policy. It will not be solved by a fancy new company outing or giving out bigger bonuses.

At a local and international level, every business is really run by people. Tech companies, manufacturing even consumer brands are driven by the ideas, efforts, and talents of people. Every business needs its people to perform to be able stay profitable, sustain costs, grow, and scale. If people are constantly entering and exiting the business, then the business cannot grow.

The problem is rooted in how people feel working at your organization.

The main reason most people leave a company to seek a new job elsewhere is not always because of a better salary or benefits package. The main reasons people leave an organization is because of how they are treated, how their work environment makes them feel and how they see a future in your organization. If an employee dreads going to work every day, no matter how much they are paid, it’s only a matter of time before they quit, due to the stress of being in a place they do not want to be.

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People need to feel happy, productive and valued

When expats decide to live in a new country, they often have a hard time integrating into a new culture, way of life and set of norms. This can cause them to feel lost, confused, stressed and unmotivated to do their best. If your company is an international organization that employs people from different parts of the world, it is very important that employees find their place of comfort and feeling of being at “home” where they are. This is why having a cultural integration program is key to the success of any international organization.

How can I help your organization
solve these problems?

My Corporate Career Coaching Services and Programs provide an 

equal amount of value to organizations and individuals alike.

Intercultural Career Coaching:

Helps employees make a successful career transition, adapt to a new role in a foreign country through a customized cultural integration approach based on the individuals needs. This program will help employees understand cultural norms, business culture and normal practices that they would not understand unless specifically taught to them.

I help executives move through career transitions into new international job assignments, promotion into leadership in their current organizations, career changes or retirement.

I help catalyze their full potential through gaining clarity, reshifting focus and leveraging my knowledge and connections in the local job market.

I support individuals integrating successfuly into their new cultural and work contexts, so they gain more clarity, purpose and fulfilment, and achieve sustainable career success.

Executive Coaching:

Executives are in a unique leadership position so their needs are very specific and different from employees. I help executives move through career transitions into new international job assignments, promotion into leadership in their current organizations, career changes or retirement. I help catalyze their full potential through gaining clarity, re-shifting focus and leveraging my knowledge and connections in the local job market.

I help transform obstacles into opportunities by unlocking leader's potentials to maximize their overall work performance and their organization.

I help executives move through career transitions into new international job assignments, promotion into leadership in their current organizations, career changes or retirement.

I help catalyze their full potential through gaining clarity, reshifting focus and leveraging my knowledge and connections in the local job market.

Reflection on personal intercultural experiences

Customized 1:1 and Group Coaching Programs:

These programs are designed to improve leadership communication skills, develop empathetic leadership, listening skills and help individuals gain clarity, focus, and tap into their hidden potential.

Customized Coaching Sessions

30 Minute Free Clarity Call

Improve Leadership Skills

Develop empathetic leadership and listening skills

Gain clarity, focus and tap into your hidden potential

Personal Agility Program:

Personal Agility applies the “agile concepts” of organizing and simplifying processes into individuals’ life. In a business context, Personal Agility can enable managers and their staff to achieve high alignment and transparency about goals, forecasts and milestones achieved. In a personal context, spouses and partners can coach each other to set and achieve objectives together. 

Learn how to manage stress and gain clarity on priorities.

Develop personal strategies to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Bring focus on achieving more of what really matters in your life and business.

I'll help you develop personal strategies to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Developmental Leadership Coaching Program:

This kind of coaching program supports leaders in developing and implementing their unique career blueprint and authentic leadership in their role.

Pre-program 1 individual session

Welcome and group orientation session

Group and 1:1 coaching sessions (online)

Why work with me?

I am an expat myself so I can relate to the idea of integrating into a new culture. When I moved to Switzerland 7 years ago, I did not have any kind of support system that helped me integrate into Swiss culture. I had to learn a new language, new culture and new way of living and doing things all on my own. In the process I built upon my expertise in intercultural education in global organizations. authored two books exploring cultural diversity in HR practices of recruitment, selection, training, and development. I also deeply explored the role of intercultural education for expats on international assignments.

 I use my expertise in intercultural communication, Diversity and Inclusion and the Personal Agility System to enable organizations and individuals to create alignment around what really matters. 

My expertise and training in intercultural communications, diversity, inclusion, and personal agility systems can empower your organization with the ability to recognize and create alignments in areas that will optimize employee performance. 

When employees are happy, feel valued and feel like they are really part of an organization they will perform at their best and are more likely to stay long term. When employees stay at an organization and perform at their best, the company will grow, become profitable and the business will be able to scale

I provide years of experience and expert consulting in the areas of:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Empathetic leadership
  • Time Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Career Development
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent Development

Being an ICF training facilitator and recognized mentor, I strongly adhere to the ICF code of ethics. Thus, I continuously focus on my own development as an ICF certified Professional Coach to provide my clients the highest quality of service and achieve.

Adelina Stefan

What will happen after working with me?

Organizations – as an employer you will have reduced work-stress, turnover, and increased employee engagement levels, overall improved organizational performance, employees laid off will find a new job opportunity sooner and feel valued for their trust (when you provide outplacement and career transition services), a harmonious culture in the organization and motivated employees to take charge and perform at their best. Your employees will be able to manage change better. 

Your employees will feel a sense of purpose and connection to your organization. They will understand the culture they are working in and they will enjoy coming to work. This means your employees will perform their job duties better, be more creative, there will be more of a sense of a team and they will work with one another in more productive ways.

A change in work culture, communication styles and overall leadership approach means that your employees will feel better at work.

Therefore, your organization can expect

Higher employee retention rates and lower employee attrition rates

More productivity

More Creativity

More team collaboration

More Performance

What does this mean for your overall organization?

More profitability, growth, and sustainability of the business as a whole.

For Individuals: Working with me will give you more clarity, more confidence, better leadership skills and a better ability to manage stress.

Here is what some of my past clients had to say about working with me.

Mohamed Akeel (CEO)

“Our Team in GCCB – and I were very happy to welcome Adelina to our WOW session ( Women on Wednesday ) she was very knowledgeable on her topic – Discovering our Super power on Personal agility system, she is very warm and encouraged lots of questions from the group, ensure she connected well with the group. We appreciate all your insights and wish you all the best!”


Eleni Verteouri (Portfolio Manager)

“Adelina is an inspiring and gifted intercultural facilitator who can help companies achieve their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion targets. Her coaching style encourages individuals to participate and become their best selves.”


Irina Veligan (E-commerce Manager)

“I took part in Professional Coaching Mastery Certification course which Adelina led and I really enjoyed this experience. Adelina is great coach and trainer, who gave her knowledge and inspired us to move forward in our
coaching journey. She always supported us and gave the space for our own conclusions and inner wisdom. I highly recommend Adelina for those who think about starting their coaching journey and becoming a Certified
Professional Coach.”


Venkat V.M. Lingam (Trainer and Coach)

Adult Training at its finest! The setting was perfect from the start. Enjoyable sessions and never had a dull moment. Every lesson was filled with great learning and takeaways. The practices we had among the course mates were so beneficial. Your facilitation style made us feel comfortable and connected all of us from different backgrounds and countries. Your experience and knowledge in the coaching field have molded and inspired me to follow suit. Thank you Adelina Stefan and Advanced Talent.


Cristina Nicoleta Burcă

“Adelina was Speaker at the Online Summit “Create Life Consciously”/ “Creează Viața Conștient” (Romanian title), from March 2022, having a speech on Balance in Life, inner – outer, through the Personal Agility System. Adelina approached the theoretical part of the topic with storytelling, with a lot of authenticity, charisma, and professionalism. As a moderator, and throughout our interaction which also included case study questions, I
found Adelina a wonderful interaction partner, who displayed an inner talent to be coach and facilitator of the Personal Agility System. I fully recommend hiring Adelina as a high-value Speaker, Coach and Facilitator. Thank you, Adelina for such a professional and charismatic contribution, and for bringing to the world such a clear system to reduce stress and enhance life quality.”


Polina Brunner, HR Director

“I have met Adelina through my network when I was looking for a a coach for my team. As an independent beauty business director with a team of independent consultants who mostly have beauty as a hobby, the coaching task was not an edgy one. Adelina is my star that I would trust any difficult team or individual coaching when there is a career change or an objective setting revision. She was structured, professional, sharp, and amazingly courteous. I would highly recommend Adelina for you or your team members.”


Francisco Reyes (Global Operations and Supply Chain Professional)

“It was a pleasure to run thru Personal Agility System (PAS) with Adelina. I had the chance to learn how she conducts the conversation with her passion, her energy, her interest in the growth of the individual from a personal and/or professional development stands point of veiw. She really shows her willingness to support individuals seeking new learnings and discoveries for their own growth. The self-awareness of us leads to the question of what really matters? Powerful yet simple. I recommend anyone to step in and work with Adelina for their own growth.”